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Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, McCord Media works with a RED Digital Cinema camera to capture the exceptional footage needed to bring your story to life.

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We see our work as an essential part of the larger storytelling effort and, for that reason, dedicate time to understand your vision. Keeping your story in mind, we capture the images to tell it best. With years of experience in rigging, ropework, climbing, and the remote backcountry, McCord Media’s services extend off the beaten path and into the vertical world. Principal cameraman Blake McCord has worked across the Southwest and internationally, including documenting a multi-day first ascent on Venezuela’s Acopan Tepui and filming numerous projects in the Grand Canyon. Most recently, Blake served as assistant director of photography and cameraman for the upcoming film Her Inescapable Brave Mission. Blake’s early work was largely in the photography realm, but he was drawn to both the challenge and the collaborative aspect of film and storytelling. When he's not shooting, Blake can usually be found developing and climbing new routes, woodworking, or tinkering with a newfound side project.

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